CLIENT: Equus Capital Partners

TYPE: Office Building

LOCATION: Newtown Square, PA

STATUS: Completed Spring 2018

Equus Capital Partners took on the adventure to relocate their once center-city headquarters to one of their own developments, Ellis Preserve. In the heart of Newtown Square, this was once the grounds of the Ellis School for orphaned girls. Equus has now redeveloped this 218-acre site into a corporate, retail, and residential campus that serves as a “live/work/play” community.

Upon arrival to the headquarters, Equus employees and visitors are greeted by a warm, diverse landscape that creates an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible solution to the stormwater management needs of the site. Vast planting islands that not only break up the hardscape parking field, also house native meadow grasses, flowering perennials, and evergreen shrubs, providing seasonal interest year round.

Further, a main goal of the client was to camoflauge the adjacent parking structure into the landscape. Plantings and earthwork techniques were utilized to create a lush, vibrant planting buffer along the parking garage. We achieved this screening by transporting in large caliper trees, elevating the ground plane several feet creating a berm, and incoporating a warm, seasonal planting palette on the groundplane.